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Ralph Rucci: Autobiography of a Fashion Designer

Ralph Rucci, photographs by Baldomero Fernandez, book design by Matthew Egan

This photographic autobiography includes over 250 pages of color photography, narratives behind twenty objects Rucci has collected in his lifetime, brief descriptions of Chado's couturier techniques and staff portraits.

Full cloth cover with slipcase, 256 pages, 11 ¼ x 11 ½ inches

ISBN 9780983863298

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Ralph Rucci: Autobiography of a Fashion Designer

This book was inspired by Sol LeWitt's Autobiography (1980). LeWitt photographed every aspect of his home, from family photos to plumbing pipes and empty coffee cans he used for his paint brushes. LeWitt's books, his brand of coffee, his closet floors—these images speak volumes about the man and the artist

We were inspired to publish an autobiography series that looks at different trades through the eyes of one practitioner. Autobiography of a Fashion Designer: Ralph Rucci is the first in this series.

Ralph Rucci was chosen to represent fashion designers because of his unique approach to his trade. Rucci stands alone in the New York fashion scene for his attention to detail and couturier techniques. The amount of handwork involved in each finished garment is notable. As with the pattern books, the idea behind this series is to inspire the highest quality of handcraftsmanship.

This sumptuous volume contains page after page of color photography revealing the man behind the objects and the inner life of Chado: Ralph Rucci, his fashion house. With the help of photographer Baldomero Fernandez, Rucci unfurls his life. Nothing has been stylized. This is an honest autoportrait of a man and a trade as revealed through the objects Rucci has collected over a lifetime and the techniques he employs when creating a garment. The photographs of Rucci's studio space do not only tell the general process of constructing garments, but also specifically reveal the techniques that make Chado: Ralph Rucci a true American original.

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