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The Pattern Book of Upholstery

David Michael Wood, Illustrations by Anara Mambetova-Finkelstein,
edited by William S. Hooper, with contributions by upholsterer
Jody Xuereb

Includes over 200 specially commissioned hand-drawn illustrations of classic upholstery models, including sofas, leather club chairs, dining chairs, chaise lounges. Appendices on fabric selection and standard measurements, a glossary, and index.

Cloth spine with paper covered boards, 272 pages, 8 x 10 ¾ inches

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The Pattern Book of Upholstery

There is nothing available in the book market that provides the range of examples of well-proportioned and designed pieces that this volume does. Though not exhaustive, the author and editor have tried to provide a rounded selection of types from which designers can draw inspiration or simply choose a style to replicate. The author, David Michael Wood, works within the traditional English Country House style and offers his perspective on upholstery while the editor, William Hooper, brings a more contemporary perspective to the selection of types illustrated for this volume.

Each illustration is identified by commonly used names or stylistic designations to help guide one when selecting a particular piece. Equally important are the appendices and instructive texts that address the practical considerations one must take into account before talking to an upholsterer and selecting a style of sofa or chair, or before selecting a fabric from a showroom.

Contributions from upholsterer, Jody Xuereb, provide an invaluable voice to this discussion. With over twenty years designing and constructing custom upholstery, Xuereb intuitively knows what goes into creating a custom piece of upholstered furniture.

This is the first book in a multi-volume series of pattern books that will include over 15 titles covering a range of topics from pillows and plasterwork to staircases and paneling.

Future Titles in the Pattern Book series:
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  • The Pattern Book of Built-in Cabinetry by Benjamin Huntington.
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  • The Pattern Book of Fireplaces by Judith Prause
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  • The Pattern Book of Decorative Plaster by plasterer, John G. Kingsmill
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  • The Pattern Book of Stairs by Mark Regan Mobley
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  • Handbook of Italian Furniture from Antiquity to 1825 by Helen Costantino Fioratti, edited by Thomas F. Knapp
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  • The Pattern Book of Paneling by Alex Papachristidis, with contributions by woodworker, Richard Edelson.
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  • The Pattern Book of Curtains by Kayel G. DeAngelis
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