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Bauer and Dean Publishers was founded in September 2009 by publisher Beth Daugherty. After almost twenty years of bookselling, Daugherty’s knowledge of design books and their market is extensive and highly respected in the publishing world. Bauer and Dean grew out of that experience and a recognition of the need for essential reference books in the interior design and architecture fields.

Bauer and Dean is concerned equally with a book’s content and design. Our books are practical and informative, as well as beautiful and well made. In two of our series, we are using a high-quality wood-free paper (140gsm) to replicate the character of the hand-drawn images reproduced in each of the books. The spine of these volumes will be bound in cloth with durable board covers to endure frequent use. The paper used for our photographic series is a heavy matte artpaper and these books will be fully bound in cloth and slipcased.

While understanding the book as a practical and collectible object, we also recognize the advances that technology has made, allowing for new and more accessible possibilities when conveying information. Our reference books can be easily translated into a digital format. This is something we plan to pursue. Most important, the reference books will remain in print and the information made available to the market without significant interruption.

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