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PALM BEACH POST: November 27, 2013
NEWSDAY: November 24, 2013

NEW YORK SPACES features Pattern Book of Upholstery in "The Goods" Special Issue Fall 2013



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(September 15, 2013) New York DAILY NEWS: “The story of a New York institution is collected in Katz's: Autobiography of a Delicatessen

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(Fall 2013) NEW YORK SPACES The Goods Special Issue: "In The Frame" Bauer and Dean's desire to revive a tradition of design pattern books dating to Vitruvius is the wellspring of its Pattern Book series, of which Upholstery is the latest entry. By David Michael Wood, illustrated by Anara Mambetova-Finkelstein, edited by William S. Hooper, with contributions by Jody Xuereb, it's a must have for serious students of design. With its encyclopedic array of seating forms, it includes history, insight into the upholsterer's perspective, a useful appendix, and more.

(August 29, 2012) NEW YORK TIMES, Style Section by STEVEN KURUTZ: “Look Books for Design Pros: The Pattern Book of Upholstery is the first in a new series of instructional guides.”

(October 2012) House Beautiful: “Best Books for 2012”


(November 2011) ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST by MITCHELL OWENS: “In his lushly illustrated new book, the acclaimed New York couturier offers intimate glimpses of his private and public personas”

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(December 2011) VOGUE: “Last-Minute Gifts… the Perfect Book”

(December 31, 2011) MEDIA BISTRO: Unbeige by STEPHANIE MURG: “The Five Most Inspiring Art and Design Books of 2011”

(March 15, 2012) BLOUIN ARTINFO by Ann Binlot: “Ralph Rucci’s Renaissance”

(March 15, 2012) NEW YORK SOCIAL DIARY by DAVID PATRICK COLUMBIA: “…a treasure of a book… beautiful and interesting…a collector’s item…”

(April 30, 2012) PEAK OF CHIC by JENNIFER BOLES: “…if you have the opportunity to buy a copy for yourself, I highly recommend doing so…”

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