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Wholesale subscriptions
& Sales

To become a subscriber or purchase copies of our titles for your store, please contact publisher Beth Daugherty at:

Consumer subscription plans


Benefits for Subscription wholesale Accounts (Bookstores and other Retail Venues):

PATRON $2500
  • 50% discount on list price
  • Name printed in the subscriber list at the front of every book in recognition of your support

  • 50% discount on list price
  • Free freight
  • Name printed in the subscriber list at the front of every book in recognition of your support

General wholesale and sales to the trade

Note: the regular wholesale discount schedule is 45%, no minimums and shipping charges are included on every invoice. (No Subscription necessary)

All subscription amounts serve as a credit with the publishing house from which orders will be deducted (the cost of book after relevant discount, and unless a Benefactor, the shipping charges). All subscribers will have the option to re-subscribe when the initial subscription amount is spent.

All wholesale accounts will need to fill out an application and supply a completed resale form.

The subscription list will only be printed in the Pattern Book series (including the subset of furniture histories). The subscription amount, however, may be used to purchase any quantity of any title Bauer and Dean publishes. There are no restrictions.

We will contact subscribers well in advance of a title's release date to take orders. We want to ensure that subscribers' copies are held in reserve and ship out before other orders. Due to the small print runs, there may be an occasion when a title sells out before being released and before a reprint can be scheduled. However, subscribers will always have their orders fulfilled in the first print run and receive their books before retail and wholesale orders ship.

-The autobiography series will not be reprinted. The Autobiography of a Fashion Designer: Ralph Rucci is limited to 3,000 copies.
- Our books will be available only through our website, or select bookstores and high-end venues.